Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wedges & feather earrings

Here is me today. For today I decided to meet you whit my favorite new trends.

You can see by the title for what I talk about.It's about kind of shoes-wedges and kind of earrings-feather.

So,I'll start with wedges.My favorite type of shoes,I have them in million colors.They are chic,fancy,sexy and gorgeous.I just love them.I combinate them in almost every combination.They can fit with every piece of clothes.Here are some of them:
Fancy and interesting wedges.
Sexy :)

Mm,animal print.

Okay,here we go with the feather earrings.Short and bright,long and dark,I really like this type of earrings not only because they are boho style,I also like them because they can fit in absolutely every combination.I mix them with jeans and simple t-shirt for casual and everyday look,dress and high heels for night out or formal and even sport with trainers and sneakers.Just love them,I said they are adorable and they can mix in every style.Here are some of them:

What do you think about these trends?
Comment and share your opinion please. :)


  1. Brava per avere scelto questo tipo di scarpe, si vede che abbiamo gli stessi gusti:)..Io li Adoro..bye bye..

  2. love feathers for earings....
    besitos by marni

  3. Чевлите ми се допаѓаат, но обетките не.
    Убав ти е блогот =)

  4. Thank you to all of you guys..:))