Monday, April 23, 2012

Short - Long dresses

Today I decided to write about the new modern piece , short - long dress .

It's a dress,which can help you when you can't choose which dress should you wear - the short,or the long. So,here comes the solution,with this dress.It's short front and long back.Many celebrities started to wear this kind of dresses and many fashion creators and designers are creating them.There are also skirts in this type,but people prefer more dresses,and you can find more dresses in the shops also.

When you wear this type of dress you should be careful in choosing the shoes,they come to the fore.Also,the accessories should be gentle and classy,not very marked.The bag or purse should be elegant and simple,not too noticeable.

Here are some pictures of Hollywood stars,that start using this trend.

Miley Cyrus
                                                   Miley Cyrus put on very beautiful orange dress 
                                                         by Jenny Packham. The color is very nice.

Blake Lively
This fashion icon is often between the first who experiments wearing new trends.But she never make mistakes.She is always beautiful dressed,just like in this case,when she is wearing deep blue dress of course,short-long.
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is one of the most beautiful dressed celebrities on the red carpet,so here is another sample of it.She loves gothic style,so she showed us with her black short-long dress.
Bar Rafaeli
Bar Rafaeli always love to show her extreme long legs.She does that too,in this beautiful dark blue dress.  She is showing her unique sense for fashion,but her sexy body also.

There are much more celebrities and people who wear these dresses.If you want to see more,click here.

                                                          Thank you for reading! Bye!:)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wedges & feather earrings

Here is me today. For today I decided to meet you whit my favorite new trends.

You can see by the title for what I talk about.It's about kind of shoes-wedges and kind of earrings-feather.

So,I'll start with wedges.My favorite type of shoes,I have them in million colors.They are chic,fancy,sexy and gorgeous.I just love them.I combinate them in almost every combination.They can fit with every piece of clothes.Here are some of them:
Fancy and interesting wedges.
Sexy :)

Mm,animal print.

Okay,here we go with the feather earrings.Short and bright,long and dark,I really like this type of earrings not only because they are boho style,I also like them because they can fit in absolutely every combination.I mix them with jeans and simple t-shirt for casual and everyday look,dress and high heels for night out or formal and even sport with trainers and sneakers.Just love them,I said they are adorable and they can mix in every style.Here are some of them:

What do you think about these trends?
Comment and share your opinion please. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One piece,two occasions


Today I decided to show you how to wear one piece in few combinations.Often,we have some piece that we think we can wear it only for formal and night out occasion.But,that's not true.Every piece can be mixed with different clothes to get what we want in the end.

I'm showing you some of my ideas,how to wear one piece in two or three combinations.

So,I chose to make these two combinations with a floral,blue and white,skirt.
The first combination is everyday.It's simple,you take wide white t-shirt and you wear it over the skirt.After that you put brown feather necklace or feather earrings.For the end,you dress brown simple flats.And you're done.If you want you change the accessories,and you can put bag on your own choice.
The second combination is night out,of course with the same skirt.This time you dress yellow tank top and coral blazer and coral shoes.Also,put white feather earrings  to complete the look.Now you're ready! ;)

Everyday and Night out
So? What do you think? :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let's meet!

Hi everyone! I am a fashionista and I like fashion so much,that I'm opssesed with it.

My blog is all about fashion.There won't be off-topics.

In my blog I'll put new posts once a week,only because I'm very busy these days.In the summer I'll be more free and I promise I'll write every day.

The posts will often be about fashion tips,new fashion clothes,new trends,fashion paintings and much more.I'll be showing you how to wear some eccentric clothes,and many many combinations.

This is my polyvore account-laryla .If you have polyvore account follow me,I make new sets very often,more like every day.

For a start here is a picture:
This is like a part of my closet. :))