Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One piece,two occasions


Today I decided to show you how to wear one piece in few combinations.Often,we have some piece that we think we can wear it only for formal and night out occasion.But,that's not true.Every piece can be mixed with different clothes to get what we want in the end.

I'm showing you some of my ideas,how to wear one piece in two or three combinations.

So,I chose to make these two combinations with a floral,blue and white,skirt.
The first combination is everyday.It's simple,you take wide white t-shirt and you wear it over the skirt.After that you put brown feather necklace or feather earrings.For the end,you dress brown simple flats.And you're done.If you want you change the accessories,and you can put bag on your own choice.
The second combination is night out,of course with the same skirt.This time you dress yellow tank top and coral blazer and coral shoes.Also,put white feather earrings  to complete the look.Now you're ready! ;)

Everyday and Night out
So? What do you think? :)


  1. That's a great idea!Love both outfits!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog :)


  2. love it :) .. but more the everyday outfit!


  3. I like the skirt, is perfectly for each combination !!!
    bye bye..A presto!!!