Thursday, May 3, 2012

Giving Grades

Hi everyone! By the title you can see I am talking about giving grades.But I am sure you're asking who am I giving grades to? Well,here's the answer: I'll be giving grades to the look of the celebrities.

I decided to give grades to the look of: Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson and Kristen Stewart.These are the celebrities that were active recently,and I found some interesting combinations.So here's what I got.

                                                                       Eva Mendes

This actress decided to wear a dress from the Honor Spring 2012  collection. She wore it with a black thin belt and black Jimmy Choo sandals.Also,she put two rings,and one bracelet for accessorize.Her hairstyle and makeup matches the style and it goes perfect with this look.I like the look,I can't say no,but it doesn't fit her well,I must confess.This dress makes her look fatter and that's why I choose this grade.

                                                                 Jennifer Lopez

On the left you can see the dress on a model from the Yeojin Bae Spring 2012 collection.J-Lo is wearing the sexy dress with Christian Louboutin heels and Pomellato jewelry.Her hair is straight and long,it goes perfect with the rest of the clothes.The red dress is showing her sexy trained body and her beautiful silhouette.This is simple formal combination-no mistakes.

Scarlett Johansson

So,you can see Scarlett receiving her her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday,in Hollywood.She wore a dress from the Preen Fall 2012 collection,with Bulgari jewelry and beautiful red Christian Louboutin heels.I like the makeup,but I don't like the hairstyle.It makes her look fatter,she could do it better.Like I said,the makeup is totally fine,it's soft and not very noticeable.I'll get back to the dress-it's very beautiful and gorgeous but in same time simple and nice.

Kristen Stewart

Ah,beautiful dress.It's simple,summer dress.She mix it with short black straight hair and soft makeup.Everything's fine,I love the dress.

See ya soon guys!
Thanks for reading!


  1. wow i like the dresses :)
    they are so amazing ...
    Scarlett Johansson's dress i like the most :)

  2. Znaci manekenkava koja go nosi fustanov na Jil Sander voopsto ne ja biva. bi rekla deka e grd fustanov. A koga ke go vidam kako go nosi Kristan totalno so drugi oci go gledam. Dokaz, deka treba da znaes da ja nosis oblekata. Preubav mi e :)

  3. thanks :) I like them too.

  4. I mostly agree with you!Just the first photo is not my style!

  5. Awesome post, love the dresses :) x

  6. Gorgeous collection! very beautiful Lary!